Things to do in Playa Blanca & lanzarote.

Playa Blanca is situated in the south of Lanzarote and experiences the best climate on the island.
There are a host of things to do in Playa Blanca While you can eat and drink in many of the top quality bars and restaurants (which Playa Blanca is renowned for) the night life would not be as riotous as it is in other resorts on the Island, however there are a number of excellent entertainment bars.
playa blanca townThe promenade is well worth taking as it links both sides of the resort. It allows you to take in most of the (sea-front) sites of Playa Blanca as well as spectacular ocean views across the Bocaina Straits to Fuerteventura
The coastline around Playa Blanca is essentially one large 9 kilometre wide bay which is then broken up into three smaller, but still large, bays. This basic geography means that the beaches in and around Playa Blanca are sheltered and ideal for swimming and sunbathing
playablanca beach
Beaches  Playa Blanca has the best beaches in Lanzarote namely the natural sands of the Pappagayo Beach and Playa Dorada Beach.The sea around Playa Dorada is generally very calm and it is a popular spot with residents who take a morning swim,it is not too far from the main resort area of Playa Blanca and is well served by shops and cafes.
The Marina.
MarinaRubiconThe upmarket Marina called Marina Rubicon, situated outside town on the road to Papagayo, with stores that sell many of the designer brands including GANT, Burbury, Lacoste etc
The  Marina has its own market which is very popular on a Wednesday & Saturday between 9am-2pm.The Marina is also home to famous restaurants such as Cafe del Mar, Cassa Roja and the Comander to name just a few.Chilled out Jazz music every night in the Blue Note Jazz Bar,
Golf lanzarote villa tessa playa blanca
Paradise Island – Dino Park The Playa water park is whitin 300 Mt of the house, the water park is open to the public as well as guests. The park is open from 10:00 – 18:30, at the moment the adults price is €12 and children are €6 .Golf
There are currently two 18 hole golf courses in Lanzarote, the nearest one is located in Tias only 30 minute drive from Playa Blanca. N.B. Playa Blanca has a Pitch and Putt course located on the promenade close to the Marina Rubicon.